Unheimlich (und) schön

Written word.

Cheesy poem for a friend.

In plastic containers
there’s some leftover cake;
white icing, pink flowers,
for tomorrow’s lunch break.

Get up, get outside,
time to catch the bouquet,
leave the plastic containers
waiting on the buffet.

You’re out here alone
you’re truly courageous,
those that are here in pairs
seem to think it’s contagious.

You’re outside with the bride
and she can’t feel the cold
’cause she’s got her one love
to have and to hold.

They want you to have it
that one love that is true
but it’s not in the flowers
so don’t let ’em catch you.

It’s her sister who wants it,
the bouquet that comes flying;
step aside, you’re indifferent,
there’s no use in denying.

You don’t care about flowers
and the promise they bring
and the ancient traditions
all wrapped up in the ring.

What’s important to you
is as white as a dove;
it’s the bride and her smile
for her one and true love.



Momentaufnahme. #1.

Looking through.

Looking through the glass
leaves me shivering
heart tripping
that in the meantime
the picture might have
from the unknown to the
from dream to nightmare to reality
from faceless movement
to a face
your face
by the newly discovered
the freshly devoured
the face of a stranger
I know so well
a face
that no longer sees me
a face
that I cannot unsee
looking through the glass
as through a looking glass
waiting for the rabbit
to tell me
that it’s time to go
for we have run out of time.

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